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Abstract submission

With the form below, you can submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation at NanoScale 2023 in Helsinki. 
After submission, you will receive a confirmation of your submission to the e-mail address you state in the form. 

Your abstract will be checked by the Organizing Committee for completeness and then reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee to decide whether it will be accepted for NanoScale 2023. As most participants use to prefer oral presentations, but only a limited number of timeslots for talks is available at the conference, a scoring system is used by the Scientific Committee to make a selection of submissions for oral presentation. 

The decision on acceptance/oral/poster will be communicated in August 2023. Please note that your contribution can only be accepted finally after the (corresponding) author will have registered for the conference and will have paid the fee.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the Booklet of Abstracts that will be handed out to the participants upon check-in to the conference.
With this submission the authors agree to have their abstract printed in the Booklet of Abstracts if accepted.

Abstract Submission

All fields marked with * need to be filled.
The input for the fields below will be used to create the abstract for the Booklet of Abstracts!
The space of the main text is limited to 4000 characters, and a maximum of 3 figures (or tables or other files needed) can be uploaded with their captions, so that a typical abstract will have a length of 2 pages in the Booklet of Abstracts. Example of the abstract header (please edit in the fields further below):

Title of the abstract

1) M. Exampleman, W. Examplewoman
2) H. Miller, A. Taylor

1) Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Bundesallee 100, 38116 Braunschweig, Germany
2) VTT MIKES, Tekniikantie 21, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Keywords: AFM, microscopy, standards, metrology

PEACE is the prerequisite for any kind of cooperation and respectful mutual exchange, and thus also for this conference. Consequently, we cannot accept authorship and participation of members of institutions in countries that support the Russian aggression war (Russia, Belarus, Iran...), in line with the sanctions imposed by the European Union and its member states, the recommendations given by EURAMET and the rules applicable for NMIs in Europe and elsewhere after February 24th, 2022.