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Length Metrology Week: October 9th - 13th, 2023, in Espoo/Helsinki

with NanoScale from Tuesday, October 10th, to Thursday, October 12th.

Similar to 2019 in Braunschweig, NanoScale 2023 was embedded in a Length Metrology Week, with a number of committee/project meetings before/after NanoScale 2023. As a key characteristic of NanoScale, there were no parallel sessions at the conference itself, but some committee/project meetings ran in parallel, mainly before or after NanoScale. While NanoScale is open to the public (but requires registration well in advance), the committee/project meetings were for members only. Participants of the committee/project meetings were welcome to extend their stay in Helsinki to join NanoScale 2023!

EURAMET TC-L met from Monday early morning to Tuesday noon (delegates only).
At the same time, the EMPIR-project TracOptic held its M27 Meeting (consortium members only).
Both EURAMET TC-L and TracOptic M27 had an early lunch on Tuesday, and a chartered shuttle bus brought the participants of TracOptic M27 from the lunch restaurant in Espoo (departure 12:15) directly to NanoScale at Technopolis Ruoholahti in Helsinki.

NanoScale 2023 extended over 3 days this year to allow more discussion and have additional special sessions. Check-in opened on Tuesday around 11:00, and sessions started Tuesday noon at 13.00 and finished Thursday noon, please see below for details (open to the public, please register beforehand).

The Working Groups of the Consultative Committee Length (CCL-WGs) met after NanoScale from Thursday early afternoon to Friday late afternoon (delegates only).

For details on the committee/project meetings, please refer to the corresponding chairperson.

NanoScale Program at a Glance (31 oral presentations + 52 posters) - pdf
Program, all talks and posters (with presenting authors only) in a nutshell - 5 pages

NanoScale Session Program - pdf
Program in detail, with all 31 talks (incl. co-authors and affliliations) - 8 pages

NanoScale Poster Program - pdf
Program in detail, with all 52 posters (incl. co-authors and affliliations) - 14 pages
Poster area is approx. 97 cm (wide) x 118 cm (high) - A0 fits well.

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Venue: Technopolis Ruoholahti
Address: Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki
Please see location map (external link to Technopolis) and find the right building/entrance: We are in Ruoholahti building 1.

NanoScale check-in started at 11:00

The participants had a relaxed start of the conference, and enjoyed meeting colleagues from all over the world again.
Drinks and cookies were offered during check-in (but no full-scale lunch, unlike the other days), lounas/lunch buffet for 12,70 € was available at the restaurant next door (unlike Wed and Thu, lunch was not included on Tue).

Sessions started at 13:00 with the Opening by VTT MIKES Vice President.
After the sessions, a get-together/welcome took place in the foyer of Technopolis.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

NanoScale sessions whole day.
Lunch was included (your name badge is your ticket), as well as the Conference Dinner in the evening (also at Technopolis).

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

NanoScale sessions ended at 12:00, followed by lunch for all participants (included) in the restaurant next door.
There were two busses (one at 13:00, another at 13:15) for direct transfer to VTT MIKES at the Otaniemi campus in Espoo for the VTT MIKES lab tours.
Afterwards return to Helsinki on individual basis, e. g. by Metro.

Lab Tours at VTT MIKES

Several lab tours were organized during the Length Metrology Week:

  • Two different lab-tours were offered already on Monday evening: delegates of the EURAMET TC-L Meeting as well as the consortium members of the EMPIR-project TracOptic had separate lab tours on the VTT MIKES campus directly after their Monday meetings.
  • Delegates of the CCL-meetings had their own lab tours, too, on Friday afternoon/evening.
  • Lab tours for NanoScale participants were offered on Thursday afternoon directly after the closure of the NanoScale sessions.