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Scientific Committee:

  • Alexandra Delvallée (LNE, Paris)
  • Andrew Yacoot (NPL, Teddington)
  • Antti Lassila (VTT MIKES, Espoo)
  • Christian Kottler (METAS, Bern)
  • Hans-Ulrich Danzebrink (PTB, Braunschweig)
  • Joergen Garnaes (DFM, Lyngby)
  • Marco Pisani (INRIM, Torino)
  • Petr Klapetek (CMI, Brno)
  • Richard Koops (VSL, Delft)
  • Teodor Gotszalk (Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw)
  • Virpi Korpelainen (VTT MIKES, Espoo)
  • N. N.

We thank Felix Meli, Gian Bartolo Picotto and Ludger Koenders for their longterm support of NanoScale right from its beginning in 2001, and wish them all the best for their new phase in life.

Organizing Committee:

  • Finland: Virpi Korpelainen, Nita Haikkala, Kaisa Falenius, Antti Lassila (VTT MIKES, Espoo)
  • Germany: Thorsten Dziomba, Kathrin Wolff, André Felgner, Uwe Brand (PTB, Braunschweig)
  • ...and many others who help in the background!

EURAMET Project 1342 Lead:

Uwe Brand (PTB, Braunschweig)