Fee & Payment


The full fee is depending on date of registration and payment. It includes proceedings, beverages, lunch and the conference dinner.

Early bird:      200 € - registration and payment before   1.8.2019

Normal:          270 € - registration and payment before 15.9.2019

Last minute:   350 € - registration and payment up to   15.10.2019

Studen:          100 € - registration and payment before 15.9.2019 *)

 *) Condition of student state has to be demonstrated at the registration.

We strongly recommend to pay in advance by bank transfer in euros to this account in Germany

Bank name: Volksbank eG, Am Herzogtore 12, 38300 Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Account Holder: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

IBAN: DE21 2709 2555 3508 1988 00


Please, give the keyword "NS2019", your "FAMLIY NAME", and your "INSTITUTE" too, e.g. "NS2019, Nobody, Everything"


In any case, please make sure that you cover all banking fees (especially if you pay from outside the EU) so that a total amount of your conference fee in EUR (200, 270 or 300 EUR , for students 100 EUR) actually arrives on the account at Bank (otherwise the participant will be kindly asked to pay the rest in cash upon check-in)

Bank transfers within the Euro Area should anyway not exceed the costs of domestic bank transfers

You will receive a receipt upon check-in.

If you need a receipt or a confirmation of your bank transfer earlier, please, contact Opens window for sending emailinfo(at)nanoscale.de.


Please note:

Credit cards, EC cards, cheques, etc. cannot not be accepted!