Scientific Committee

Hans Ulrich Danzebrink, PTB (DE)

Sébastien Ducourtieux, LNE (FR)

Joergen Garnæs, DFM (DK)

Petr Klapetek, CMI (CZ)

Richard Koops, VSL (NL)

Antti Lassila, MIKES (FI)

Felix Meli, METAS (CH)

Gian Bartolo Picotto, INRIM (IT)

Ruedi Thalmann, METAS (CH)

Andrew Yacoot, NPL (UK), and

Harald Bosse, PTB (DE)

Organizing Committee


for registration, fee and payment Kathrin Wolff

for abstracts and VISA application Opens window for sending emailThorsten Dziomba or

Ludger Koenders at PTB, Braunschweig, Germany