the knight of dimensional nanometrology


An award from the NanoScale committee for outstanding achievements in dimensional nanometrology.



Dimensional nanometrology is the science of measurement of the dimensions and tolerances of dimensions that are in the nanometre range. For many years metrologists, particularly those at national metrology institutes have sought to address the challenges of nanometrology. The NanoScale committee has decided that the contributions of exceptional dimensional nanometrologists should be recognized with the award of the title



In addition, it is hoped that the award will help promote dimensional nanometrology to the international community.


Criteria for selection

The recipient of the prize should have an excellent track record of achievements in the field of dimensional nanometrology. This should include scientific publications of their own work (reviewed and/or other relevant paper,   invited talks, ...), leadership, mentoring of younger scientists and championing of dimensional nanometrology within the international scientific community.


Nomination procedure

Nominations should be made to the chair of the NanoKnight committee, Ludger Koenders (,

                                                                   by August 15th, 2019,

and should give reasons for the candidate's nomination (see criteria above). Self-nomination will not be considered.

The winner will be chosen by the NanoKnight commitee  (L. Koenders, P. Klapetek, A. Yacott, H. Bosse) based on all proposaly received [1]. If there are still questions, please, do not hesitate to ask a committee member.  


Presentation ceremony

The award for the 2019 NanoKnight will be presented at the NanoScale conference in Braunschweig October 2019.

The winner will be ‘nanoknighted’, receive the ‘Sword of Nanometrology’ and be invited to give a presentation at the NanoScale Conference.



[1] Members of the NanoKnight committee are excluded from nominations.